10 Mysterious Places in the World, that you don’t know.

Are you curious to know about the strange places on the earth? then Welcome to our blog. In this article, I am going to tell you 10 mysterious places and what reason makes them different from other places. It is believed that there are lots of mysterious places that exist on the earth whose mystery not been solved till date by scientists and archaeologists. Here, we are talking about places where hardly anyone has gone.

1) Bermuda Tringle:

Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle is known as the most mysterious places. We get a mention of this triangle in Indian mythology. Bermuda Triangle swallows up all the objects coming near to it. Bermuda Triangle has a very strong gravitational field and because of this, it can attract any object towards it. Lots of planes were disappeared from here which have not been detected till date. Bermuda Triangle is also known as ‘Devil’s Triangle’. This place is located in between Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Miami, and Bermuda. According to Colorado’s scientist, hexagonal clouds form there and those clouds burst like air bombs. That’s why a storm arises there and harms the big objects.

2) Dragon Sea (Japan):

Dragon Sea Grow more tips
Dragon Sea

The story of Dragon sea is very old. Like Bermuda Triangle, Dragon triangle is also situated in Mike Island of Pacific Ocean. This place is 200 km from Tokyo city. Many Planes, Submarines were disappeared from here. Most mysterious thing is that the compass changes its direction near this Dragon triangle. According to Japanese people the dragons live in Dragon triangle. In 1952 Japan government sent a survey team of 31 members to Dragon triangle for Investigation. But they all drowned in the sea and never return. Some people believe that aliens live there.

3) Great Pyramid of Cholula – Mexico:

Great Pyramid
Great Pyramid

Everyone has known about the Pyramid of Egypt but have you been heard about Pyramid of Mexico? Pyramid of Mexico is among the world’s largest Pyramids according to area and volume. The mystery here is that no one knows who construct such a big pyramid. This Pyramid is constructed like a temple and also there are stairs to go up.

4) Blood Falls, Antarctica:

Blood Falls
Blood Falls

There are lots of places on the earth that are beyond mankind. And Antarctica is one of them. Blood fall is a very mysterious fall. The first Scientist believed that red color of the waterfall is due to red algae in it. But the Taylor scientist in 1911 discovered that the Iron content is more in this place which makes the water red.

5) Kano Crystals:

Kano Crystal
Kano Crystal

It is a mysterious Lake which is located in Colombia. Water color of this lake changes to red in the hot season. Here, rare species of trees and plants are found. It is said that the red color of the lake is due to these rare species.

6) Musical Pillars of Vittalla Temple:

Vittala Temple, Karnataka
credit: themysteriousindia

Vittalla Temple is situated in Karnataka. There are 56 pillars in this temple and these pillars generate 7 Tones. This temple is of the Vijaynagar dynasty and was constructed in 14th century. These 7 voices are ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ni’. These pillars are built by using different things/metals or alloys.

7) Zone of Silence – Mexico:

Zone of Silence
Credit: pintrest

This is the place in Mexico where Radio signals do not work. Even this area attracts meteorites. This zone is under the spotlight in the year 1970, because Athena rocket crashed here which is launched by America. This rocket was launched from Green River Uta and it was to land in White Sand Mexico. But suddenly it disappeared and the next day found in the Zone of silence. According to the scientist, there are magnetite in this place.

8) Jacob Well:

Jacob Well
Jacob Well

Jacob Well Wimberley is located in America. There were many deaths in 1850. It was the meeting place for Americans. But now it is used as adventurous sports. A lot of people were injured and many lost their lives here.

9) Dead sea:

Dead Sea
Dead Sea

The dead sea is in Jorden. In this sea, you can not swim because in the dead sea, all float. You will never drown in this sea as there is a large amount of salt in it. Also, you can not drink this water due to salt and oil present in it. Therefore, no creatures are living in the sea except algae and bacteria.

10) The Nazca Lines – Peru:

The Nazca Lines, Peru
Credit: pintrest

It is built between 400-650 AC and it is similar to the Indus valley civilization of India. It is the diagram of animals, birds, fishes, and peoples drawn on the ground. These shapes are visible only by seeing from height such as a helicopter or aircraft. You can’t see these shapes from the ground. No one could solve the mystery of this civilization till date. According to scientists, these shapes were built by Nazca’s people because God can see them.

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