How video editing was done in 60-70s without computer?

Many of you like watching animated movies and cartoons. But in the decade 1960-70, when we could not think of animation, then the matter of making it remained far away. As there were no computers in those days. Even then we can see video editing in some movie scenes. 

Today we have lots of video editing software like after effects, vegas pro, filmora, kinemaster, and paid software. That was not in the past. So now this question must have come to your mind that how video editing was done in old movies without a computer. So, today I will tell you about it, in this article. 

#How video editing was done in old movies?

Old Movie Editing Machines, Growmore Tips
Old Movie Editing Machines

Friends, In the old days, there were machines like “Moviola and Stimbux” on which negative reels were physically cut and edited. This means the part of the reel not to be shown in the movie that part is cut physically and then the reel join again. These machines were not manufactured in India, they were sourced from abroad. That’s why very few operators of this machine were available in India. 

Old Film Editing Machines
Old Film Editing Machines

If we talk about putting special effects in the movie then which effect want to show in the movie that effect was to be drawn on negative reel frame by frame. And in every frame, the effect moved forward so that people could see the effect going on in the movie. Even after doing so much, a little editing was possible in films. There are 30 frames in one second, meaning that if a special effect of one second is to be shown in a movie, then that particular effect had to be drawn by hand at 30 frames. Friends, you can understand how fine and hard work it must have been.

#When did computer software come to India:

Old Desktop Pc
Old Desktop Pc

In the 1990s, the trend of computers increased in India. But, they were also available at only selected places. And people who knew about its editing were given a lot of importance in the film world. Although computers of that time were not so good, but for editing movies in that era was good. 

After that ‘Shaktiman’ TV serial was telecast on tv, in which a basic level of editing was done. This serial and the effects shown in it became very popular among young children. After that, more and more new computer software came, then animations started happening in India, and today you know. After this, the technology did not look back.

Whether doing video editing or graphics design is not a big thing nowadays. Anyone can make it with great ease. However, today’s technology has become much more advanced than that. And what further new technologies will come in the future, we cannot even think about this.

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