The Entrepreneur By Sharad Tandale: Book Review

If An Egg Is Broken By An Outside Force, Life Ends. If Broken By An Inside Force, Life Begins. Great Things Always Begin From The Inside.

Welcome to my new blog article. In this article, I will introduce you to a person who became successful in his life. He started from zero, and today he became a hero for young entrepreneurs.

Sharad Tandale an Entrepreneur (Author)
Entrepreneur Sharad Tandale

I am talking about Young Entrepreneur Award Winner Mr. Sharad Tandale. And his book The Entrepreneur which is very useful for every entrepreneur.

About Book (The Entrepreneur):

In this book, Sharad Tandale told his journey from becoming zero to a hero. He studied 12th and got admission to engineering. Not because he liked engineering, but because other students were doing it. And there are chances of getting a job in the engineering field than other fields.

While doing engineering, he did not pay much attention to his studies like some other students. Also studying a day before the paper, class bunk, chatting about politics became common during his college days. 

He tried to make more money during his college days but did not succeed. In this way, he completed his 4 years of Mechanical engineering, and then he went to Pune for a job.

He did the job and also studied for MPSC but he understood that there is nothing here for us. When he was unable to find a job, he decided to become an entrepreneur, but his family opposed him. 

But since there is no option in front, and he began to grow up old he started to search for Business Ideas

With no prior experience, he landed in the field of contracting. Initially, he completed small Electrical & Building contracts and gained knowledge of this field. Even after several losses, he didn’t give up. He struggled a lot in his life, and now he is working to guide the young generation.

# There is everything in this book that:

> How did he get the Young Entrepreneur award from Prince Charles of Britain? 

> How does he convince his family to start a business?

> How does a simple village boy become an inspiration?

> Lots of contractors are there but How Sharad Tandale is different from them?

What is special about him that he was given such a prestigious award?

If you want to start any business or you are a Beginner you must read this book.

Checkout This Book – The Entrepreneur

‘Raavan’ is also his best-selling book.

His father used to tell him “You are the hero of the movie of your life and the hero has to win at the end of the movie.”

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