Top 10 mysterious books in India.

Top 10 mysterious books in India.

Welcome to my new blog article. In this post, I am going to tell you 10 mysterious books that were written by our ancestors. So without being late, Let’s start…

1) Red Book :-

laal kitab

Red book is known as ‘Laal Kitab’ and it is very mysterious book. Very long years ago oracles were happen from the sky. These oracles were given very knowledgeable Information to humans. And peoples keep this Information in their mind and tell to their next generations. These oracles were collect and written by some old peoples. In the year 1939 Roopchand Joshi has published this book which has 383 pages. Roopchand Joshi was live in Jalandhar city. In this book, some oracles are copied and written by the Roopchand Joshi. If you read and understand this book then your mind and sight to see the world will be changed.

2) Ashtadhyayi Sutravrutti :-

Ashtadhyayi Sutravrutti

Ashtadhyai and Yogsutra. Ashtadhyayi is composed by the ‘Pannini’. It is the 500 BC book. There are total 8 chapters in this book, therefore it is called ‘ashtadhyayi’ which means 8 chapters. From this book, you will get pure knowledge. 

3) Upnishad :-


Many of you must know the ‘Upnishad. These are the most mysterious books. There are a total 108 UpanishadUpanishad is Indias most trusted collection of various views. It is also called ‘Vedanta‘. Upanishad is the result of Austerity, hard work of sage and monk of India. ‘Jagatguru Shankaracharya’ had written their comments on which 10 Upanishadas are said to be most authentic. Upanishad is the abstract or Vedanta. There are very supernatural and mysterious talks had spoken. by reading this book your thinking will be changed. 

4) Betal Pachisi:-

Betal Pachisi

We are well known about the ‘Betal Pachisi‘ book. It is the best book among all the popular storybooks. Betal pachisi tells us how king Vikramaditya does justice in his court. In this book, Betal tells a story to king Vikramaditya daily. At the end of the story, betal asks a question to the king, and king vikramaditya must have answered his question. Betal bet with the king that if the king speaks anything then he will be gone on the tree. Betal pachisi is known for India’s first ghost stories.  

5) Viman Shastra:-

Vimana Shastra

Viman Shastra (or Aerodynamics) is a mysterious book and it is composed by sage Bhardwaj. They mention the technic of making planes in this book and now this technic is being used in the modern era. They had also written large text of the name ‘Yantra Sarvasya‘. Swami Bramhamuni published some part of this book as ‘Vimana Shastra‘. In this book, we get a description of machines that can roam on low and medium levels.

6) Samudrik Shastra:-

Samudrik Shastra

Samudrik Shastra‘ is also a Enigmatic book. This ethology (shastra) tells about the future and character of a person. Palmistry is just a small part of the samudrik science. It is the technic of study of face, hand, and body of the person. Most of the practitioners of this technic are found in South India. This scripture came into existence 5000 years ago in India. And sage Samudra promoted this knowledge first time therefore is called ‘Samudra Shastra‘. After this scripture spread up to the chin, Unan, Israel and then spread all over Europe. According to historians, Hipanjas found a book of samudrik knowledge which is given to great Sikandar as a gift. 

7) Ras Ratnakar:-

Ras Ratnakar

There was a great chemist named ‘Nagarjuna‘ in ancient India. He has written two popular books on chemical knowledge. These two books are ‘Ras Ratnakar‘ and ‘Rasendra Mangal‘. Also, his books on medical science are kakshaput tantraarogya manjri, yogsar, and yogasht. In the book Ras Ratnakar he has revealed very mysterious things about chemical science. The mining and Purification method of tin, silver, gold and other metals are told in this book. Most mysterious thing is that there is gets a mention of the procedure of making Gold and also there is a brief description on how to change other metals into Gold. 

8) Vigyan Bhairav Tantra:-

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

There are thousands of books on tantra shastra but the most authentic book is said to ‘Vigyan bhairav tantra‘. Who wrote this book is a mystery till date. It is also told that this book came into existence from the conversation of the God Shiva and Mata Parvati. Mata Parvati asks questions and god Shiva answers that questions. There are mysterious things and secret knowledge revealed in this book, by reading this you will get shocked. 

9) Atharvaveda:-

Atharva Veda

It is really a mysterious book. Understanding formulas in Atharvaveda are very difficult. In this book, we get a mention of various kinds of lore such as Pranvidya, Madhuvidya, Sammohan Vidya, Vikarshan vidya, etc. ‘Rekcy lore’ is also born from this book. We get a mention of this technic in the 13th chapter of Atharvaveda

10) Samvarg Vidya:-

This technic is known as sage Gariwan. Gariwan is also known as sage Raikya. 

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