Earn 40k-50k monthly by Online Ebook Selling.

In this article, I am going to tell you how you can make money by creating an online ebook selling. You can use Instamojo or Razorpay to selling it. Creating and Selling an ebook is totally passive income. Once you created an ebook you don’t need to work on it, except doing its marketing.

The trend of an Ebook is increasing in this modern era. An E-book is an Electronic book that you can read on your mobile phone/Tablet in PDF form. The main benefit of an ebook is that it is easily downloadable on a smartphone and you don’t need to carry it with you. 

How to create an E-book?

Our main question is that how to create an ebook. For creating an ebook you will have to find a topic first. You can choose a topic in which you have expertise or knowledge of that particular topic.

  • If you are an expert in blogging then you can write an ebook on blogging tips. 
  • If you have experience in online earning then you can write an ebook on online earning methods, business ideas. 
  • You can create an ebook on Photography ideas, or anything in which you are interested

How you can find your topic? 

I will tell you four things to choose your topic. These four things will definitely help to find your favorite topic-

1) Knowledge

2) Expertise

3) Passion

4) Problem

If you have Knowledge, Expertise, and passion for any topic then write an ebook on that topic. If any problems in any field, find out its solutions and create an ebook on them. In which, you can share your experience. Anyone can write an ebook if he has certain knowledge about a particular topic.

How to Give Title –

Make sure your ebook has a catchy name that will attract customers by reading it. You can use words like How to, Why, What, When in your Ebook title. 


  • How to make money online
  • How to make money from Instagram.
  • How to become a millionaire.
online ebook selling

How to Write an Ebook

  • First, open google docs or any other writing pad. Then write pointers and according to that pointers do well research and collect information. 
  • After that explain these pointers in detail in your entire ebook. You can add images according to your need. 
  • Then you will get the full ebook in raw form. 
  • Also, you can add affiliate links to your ebook. When anyone purchases through your affiliate link then you will get some commission for that sale.

Ebook cover Format-

After writing the text next one is creating an attractive cover page. A cover page is very Important for an ebook. Because, when you upload your ebook for online selling, the first sight of the customer falls on the cover page of an ebook.  

  • Canva is the best tool for creating a cover page free of cost. You can also go with the pro version for premium templates on canva.  
  • Choose any free or paid template, make it attractive. There are lots of tools for editing cover images. 
  • Write Index at the starting of an ebook so that reader gets a clear idea about what he will learn. 

How to Promote an Ebook?

  • Many Instagrammers make good money by selling their ebooks on Instagram or any other platform. These Instagrammers publish posts that attract users and get more likes, and some of the users purchase their ebooks if they are interested. Sometimes they create a particular post related to ebook content and give an ebook purchase link in the Instagram bio.
  • Search Facebook or Instagram groups and pages related to your content on social media. And tell them to share your ebook link. And when sell generates give them 30-35% commission or according to market rate. These groups and pages generate sales for you.
  • Share the Ebook link on your blog. And other social media groups.
  • Amazon Kindle Publication is also the best platform for ebook selling. List your ebook on this platform.
  • You can sell on the Instamojo platform. By doing email marketing capture the people which can buy or they are interested in your ebook. Send them emails related to your content regularly.  

Online Ebook Selling?

After creating an ebook main question that will come to your mind is how to sell an ebook. So, here I recommend you Razorpay

Go to the Razorpay website and create your account on it. Add your Bank Account to receive money. Then, create a page of an ebook that you would like to sell. Write title, description, and selling price of the ebook. No coding is required for creating a page on Razorpay also you can create a custom branded page.

Not only this but also you can create –

  • Events and Tickets Page
  • Accepting Donations Page
  • Product Sale Page
  • Fees Collection Page

and many more, that’s why I recommend using Razorpay. When anyone purchases your product then Razorpay sends money directly to your bank account. The buyer gets an automated payment receipt.

Razorpay Payments
Razorpay Payment Options

Benefits of using Razorpay:-

  • You can upload your ebook on Google drive if you have no website. And Insert Google drive ebook link into Razorpay.
  • Razorpay has lots of payment options and also the transaction success rate is high.
  • Razorpay supports various languages. Such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, etc.
  • You can create a payment button and embed it into your blog or website. So, the user need not go anywhere for payment. 

It consumes time to create an ebook but once you created it will give you money for a long time. So, don’t wait, start creating your ebook from today. And start making money by creating and selling ebook online.

This is only one method for earning passive income by online ebook selling. If you want more earning methods then subscribe to our blog. 

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