How to Select Niche and Earn Money From Instagram.

Hello Friends, Welcome to my new blog article. In this article, I will explain to you the detailed procedure about ‘How you can earn money from Instagram Pages.’ After reading this full article, you will no need to go anywhere for more information. 

In this article, I will tell you practical methods on how you can start an Instagram page step by step, how to post content on this page, & how you can monetize and earn money from Instagram. 

There are lots of people who work on the Instagram page and earn more than 50k to 60k monthly. So, let’s get started…

Decide Your Niche:

As you know, Niche is very important. Whether it is Blog, Youtube, or Instagram page niche plays a very important role. Niche is nothing but any particular topic. So, the main thing is to decide your niche, and start your Instagram page on a particular topic. 

You can choose your niche according to your knowledge, interest, and passion in that niche. If you are an expert in any topic, then pick that topic and start sharing your knowledge with the audience on the Instagram page.

Top 10 Niche for Instagram:

Instagram Niche Selection, Growmore Tips
Instagram Niche Selection

I have selected some topics for you. Which has very good growth and are various monetization options available. These trending topics are-

  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Pets
  • Beauty/Fashion
  • Business
  • Health & Fitness
  • Digital Marketing
  • Food
  • Parenting
  • Stock Market

The above topics have huge traffic on Instagram. They will follow your page and will constantly consume your content. 

After selecting a niche, the first question that comes to your mind, ‘what to post on this page?’ For this, let’s move to our next point.

What To Post On Instagram:

  • Friends, It is really difficult to post the latest information on Instagram regularly. It requires a lot of research and hard work. So, for this simply go to google and search Top Instagram pages in your niche.
  • Find a minimum of 10 pages in your particular niche. Such as Travel, Stock Market, Finance, etc. 
  • Study these pages in depth and consider these points:- What content they post on their pages, Number of followers and engagements they have, What monetization methods they are using, etc. 
  • By studying these pages, definitely, you will get a clear idea about what content you have to post on your page. 

How We Can Post Content:

Photography for Instagram
Instagram Photography

There are various methods to share your knowledge with followers-

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Reels
  • Stories

There is a huge trend and demand for Instagram Reels. Your page will grow faster if you post daily 2 – 3 Reels on your page. People consume much more content by watching Reels. Also, share valuable content through Pictures, Videos, Live Stream, and Stories.

How to Grow Instagram Page:

1) Post your content on trending topics and use relevant hashtags in your posts. 

2) For your Instagram page growth, you can Collaborate with similar niche pages.

3) Mention other’s work in your story, if it is valuable for your audience. Do comment on similar Niche content. By doing this people will notice you and also they can check out your page. 

4) Sometimes try to Create Memes on trending topics and give your opinion on viral videos.

5) Do a Live Stream with Experts. Invite experts on your page to talk with them on valuable topics. When you invite any expert to your page, your audience and the invited expert’s audience will see your program and follow your page.

6) Start doing a Q&A program on your page. So that audience will connect with you.

You will definitely get the result, just have some patience.

How to Monetize:

Now, the main part is Monetization. Most of us start Instagram pages to Earn money from Instagram. So, you need to know, Which are the monetization methods on Instagram.

Just like Youtube or Blog, Instagram doesn’t have a direct monetization system. Here are some methods to earn money from Instagram page.

Monetization Methods
Monetization Methods for Instagram

1st Method:

Affiliate Marketing:- Create an Instagram post on third-party product advertising and Insert an affiliate link in your Instagram Bio. Advertise relevant products according to your niche. 

Example – If your page is about Stock Market, you can advertise Demat account openings sites. When someone opens his/her Demat account from your link, you will get a commission or brokerage on it as per company policy. 

Also, you can advertise products such as Books, E-books, Domain & Hosting, Softwares, Electronics Gadgets, Toys, and a lot of other things. 

For this, you need to join affiliate programs. I will suggest you some of the best affiliate programs

  • Admitad:- On Admitad, you can select category-wise products & services according to your niche. You can earn a good commission here after completion of the sale from your link.
  • Vcommission:- You will get Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, AliExpress, Myntra store here. Bloggers can do affiliate with Hostgator, Siteground. Travelers can do affiliate with Bookmytrip, yatra, and many more. Select & advertise any product from here and earn money. 
  • Commission Junction Affiliate:- CJ Affiliate is famous for worldwide affiliate marketing. 

There are lots of affiliate programs that allow you to make money online. You can join these programs. Also, you can join an affiliate program with each service provider separately such as Upstox, Amazon, Myntra from their official website. 

2nd Method:

Sponsorship:- Sponsorship is another best method for earn money from Instagram. You don’t need to have millions of followers for taking Sponsorship. 

If you have more than 1000 followers on your Instagram page, you can run sponsored ads on your page. There are many websites from where you will get sponsored ads. 


These are some websites, go & create your account on these sites. You will get sponsored ads from here according to your Instagram followers. You will get paid when you post their ads on your Instagram page.

How to Create Link Tree:

If you have more links to post in Instagram bio then create a Link Tree. In which you can add as many links as you want. And you will able to create a single link instead of multiple links. Add this link to your Instagram bio.

Visit site:- for link creation.

Earn Money From Instagram:

In this article, you have learned about Instagram Niche Selection, 10 Best Niche, Methods for Instagram growth, and Monetization methods. Also, you will able to create a link tree. 

So, don’t waste time. Start your Instagram page, increase followers and Start to earn money from Instagram. 

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